I got an Axe-Fx II


Holy crap they weren’t kidding. :fearful:

My fingers are on fire…I played so much…I didn’t even touch any advanced settings at all.

Just created a patch from scratch JCM800 into a Cab using the built in Redwirez G12M cab and a bit of room reverb.
Adjust the drive and kicked the input trim a bit to push the amp a bit more, some adjustments to treble, mid, bass - Dang Instant AC/DC ish tone using P90’s… :popcorn:

I’m sold. The ULTRA is going and I’m keeping this …




Awesome!! Your life will never be the same :sunglasses: :thumbsup: :grin: :sunglasses:

Try using a stereo cab and blend your favorite cab with either one of the 2x12 JM far fields. Amazing.


Psst George :grin:


Way to go Bert!! :sunglasses:


Yeah…what they said. :oops:

I’ve had mine for 4 or 5 weeks and only played it a couple times. How sad is that? :frowning:

It is pretty killer though. The new Tone Match feature is going to be the slam dunk for me. Take the Mean Street opening riff and feed it to the Axe and voila…instant match! :dancenana:


Here’s a sample :grin:


:metal: Excellent! There’s a chime going on there that’s really genuine sounding. :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: yeah man! sounds great :sunglasses:


Yeah that does sound good :thumbsup:

I just happened to see this the other day. The dynamics of it through the power amp sound absolutely convincing.


Excellent :thumbsup:



God Im going to regret this…just how much does this cost?


The best part is that was a stock patch, just changed the cab and added some room verb.

$2200 :skull_and_crossbones:


Well thats not insane. Does it have a headphone jack?


Yep it does.


and a usb.


Made a couple of preset that took no longer than 5-10 mins.

This is with a Gibson LP with P90’s…


[quote=“Al Bastard, post:17, topic:6142”]Made a couple of preset that took no longer than 5-10 mins.

This is with a Gibson LP with P90’s…[/quote]

Sounds great Bert! Yeah, the dynamics of the II are freakin unbelievable :sunglasses:


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn sweet. :thumbsup:


Spent maybe 10 minutes creating a super High gain patch with the Uber amp, using same drivers as an uber kab (T75+V30).

I’m getting good chunkiness out of it…