IR Cabinet loader


I downloaded a VST plugin called PULSE that loads IRs into your DAW. I was hoping to save some time by recording a quick riff on the AA3 with only the amp on. That’s the way I create the EQ match IRs. After recording the track, load up PULSE IR Loader ( and run through the different cabinet IRs I have to find which ones I like, without loading them onto the AA3.

For some reason, I can hear only a slight difference in each IR. I loaded an IR that I created, and the result does not sound anywhere near the patch on the AA3 using the same settings and same cab. I’m 100% sure I’m missing something.

Any ideas? :neutral_face:


Got nothing here… Good luck… :neutral_face:


AA3 = Atomic Amplifire 3?

I’m not familiar with that IR loader. You have to be careful with some of the implementations, they sometimes don’t get it right or are peculiar with the IR.

One thing you have to watch out for is when you upload to the AA3, does it convert the wav IR at all? Or how does that work? They may do a minimum phase transform to remove any silence at the beginning of the IR.

On your PC, the IR loader may not be doing the same thing so you may be listening to IRs with silence at the beginning (which changes the response completely) or they may be truncating them too short… or any number of things they could do wrong. Though just looking through their website, PULSE IR loader seems targeted for cab emulation.

What’s your workflow?
Maybe stereo processing differences?


I bailed on the Pulse IR loader, and checked out a few others. I am pretty much using LeCab2 for all my cabinet loader needs in my DAW. It allows for multiple cabinets also. So, you can create IRs from cabinets that never existed before. I created one from a standard Marshall 4X12, and a Lynchback 2X12. It’s really fun creating these things. It’s so much fun, that I have to remind myself to play the damn guitar. :smile:


Yes, the AA3 is the Atomic Amplifire 3. They came out with a 12 pedal version (AA12), but I really don’t see a need for it at this time. I can connect my FCB1010 if I want to.


Yeah just one of those rabbit holes.

Once you sort of narrow down what sort of speaker choices you gravitate towards, consider a commercial option. They are really miles ahead that the free stuff out there.

Celestion themselves actually started offering Impulse Responses now:

Here’s Pete Thorn demoing some of them:


I bought some of the ownhammer IRs, which seem to be really cool. I wonder if there’s a comparison video of ownhammer vs celestion.