Is Djent becoming a parody of itself?


I know I am very biased against Djent music ( and I use the music term loosely), but it seems to me the entire genre has become a parody of itself.

The video that made me think of this was this video of a guy demoing a couple of Kemper profiles.

The fact that he’s trying to look bad-ass playing with one finger got me.

Then there’s this video. Get some over-the-top acting dead guy, and throw in some eye candy to keep you interested.

To me, it seems like the entire genre is a parody of itself, like the 80s hair bands became…but they could actually play their instruments, not bang on one string and fret with one hand.


Meh…I got no use for loud ugly noises. Of course I do not listen to metal or any of it’s derivatives.


Becoming? Stevie T has been doing Djent parody for a long time:

He’s kind of the “Annoying Orange” of guitar videos, though. Best in small doses.


I’m not fond of guitars tuned down below D, and I think 7 and 8 string guitars are unnecessary and excessive (kinda like a "5 bladed razor)…but I still can listen to the guitar in that music, until the cookie monster growling starts, then I AM OUT