John Denver


nick drake was pretty cool. And a more recently alt/country/folk guy is Ryan Adams (no, not Bryan)


Looking at your list, I’d like to throw in Extreme “Hole Hearted” and Zebra’s "Who’s Behind the Door."
Oh yeah, and Yes (Steve Howe) “The Clap.” Supertramp “Give a Little Bit,” Yes “And You and I.” Damn, this thread could go on forever.


Wow, Nick Drake wrote some good stuff. I can only imagine how the lyrics sound in Things behind the Sun. Parasite and Day is Done are definitely fun to play :slight_smile:

Zebra -who’s behind the door. awesome song. was on the first cassete i ever bought Masters of Metal a compilation put out by k-tel records. i played it till it wore out. I can’t find the tab though. That steve howe song looks quite challenging :slight_smile:


The only tab I found on Zebra was at I didn’t think it was too accurate though. Looks like you’re going to have to earball that one. :smile:


I don’t even have the song anymore. but i wanna say it was a twelve string with a bunch of synths.


A monstrous sounding Guild 12-string. :sunglasses: I love that sound. I keep thinking I’m going to trade my 12 for another electric, but it just sounds so good.


What’s a pack of strings go for?




ahh that ain’t bad then :slight_smile: Did you guys get the GC Green tag sale flyer? good deals on strings… gnx4 has a $50 mail in rebate, wonder if that means a new product is coming or something…


I usually buy the D’Addario 10 packs for $29. Great deal. GC is always having sales. They sucker me all the time, but I go in prepared with all sorts of prices from the web. They’ve been fantastic to deal with. :sunglasses:


Yeah that is what i got too from MF. GC has acoustic 3 packs for 9. haven’t shopped around, but it sounded good.


NY you gotta pay tax for online purchases now so its more worthwhile to go to the local guitar store.


Man, I’ve got like 3- 4" thick binders of laminated fingerstyle stuff now and still look for more. :fearful:

This webpage has some pretty good fingerstyle stuff: Pretty easy to grab all the pdfs with a single-click.

If you into classical, I might have posted this before, not sure…