Line 6 G10 Wireless


Picked one of these up last week, excellent little wireless unit, out of the lower priced units ($179) Doesn’t change the tone of my guitars like my older wireless units did, no compression, great range, and holds an 8 hour charge


Veddy eeenteresting. I bought a Fender FWG1010 at Gearfest one year. It worked great indoors, but was unusable at outdoor gigs for some reason. I quit that band, though, so fuck 'em. :smile:


Any noticeable latency?

What happens when you start a microwave?


No latency…who the fuck plays near a microwave? :grin:

Why do I have to log in every time I comment?


So no perceptible latency. that’s cool.

You’d be surprised at some radios, even the faintest 2.4Ghz interference makes the drop.

My kitchen is near the office where I have my gear that’s why I ask :slight_smile:


I was going to pick one of these up until I read about the charger connection not looking solid. Is that bs?


The base is plastic, if that’s what they mean…the connections are solid


I definitely like the idea, (if it does what they say it will do). Affordable and relatively invisible. The base will easily fit in a pedal board


I love the concept. Just plug n play, pop it in it’s base when not. Mine is kind of a pain in the ass to deal with. Especially since I don’t trust the battery compartment cover sometimes.


I’ve been through 4 wireless systems over the years, and I stopped using each one after a couple of months…this one is a keeper