Looking for a recorder


The only thing I have to record with is my GNX4.

I don’t know if a such a thing exists, but I’m looking for a recorder with the following features…(Looking to capture the pure sound of my archtops, without having to go through a some sort of amp modeling…)

2 direct inputs for guitar or bass…
True bypass from the input directly into the recorder…
Reverb…Preferably analog…to work with the true bypass.
Stand Alone…Don’t want to deal with USB, ASIO, etc…
Has capability of at least 2 gig removable memory.
Only controls needed…Reverb, Bass, Treble, Mid…

Other nicety’s but not necesarrily needed…
Drum Machine,
Looping capabilites…
External mic…

What I’m basically looking for is a recorder that will mimic my Acoustic Image amp…
Any ideas???


There’s a lot of stuff that’ll fit the bill. I have a Boss Micro BR that’ll pretty much do all of that. Whether it’s up to par with what you’re looking for, I don’t know.


What about using the line out on the amp to the line in on the GNX4?


Duh… :skull_and_crossbones: :smile:


Dagnabbit George, are you trying to deny new gear acquisition? :man_shrugging:


:smile: Not intentionally.

The Boss Micro BR does sound like the right tool though.

The Zoom H4N has all the features minus the drums. I am impressed with the quality of the mics on the Zoom! I think it would do a great job of capturing the mic’d amp in Tals case.


I only mentioned the Micro BR because I have one and it’s ok. I’m sure there are much better options out there. The Micro BR doesn’t exactly leave me wanting to rave about it. :neutral_face: