LR Baggs M1 Active acoustic pickup


I specifically bought my acoustics without electronics as I really hate the piezo sound. Taylor’s Expression system sounds wonderful as long as you use their xlr cable but I just never use my acoustics live. For recording, I prefer a mic.

That said, now that I’m gonna do acoustic performances, I needed to find a way to plug in because mic’ing on stage is something that I’ve been told to avoid. Also, I tend to move around a lot.

The best acoustic pickups all require some permanent destructive mods to install, which I’m just not comfortable with. So I opted for regular pickups without an under saddle mic. I got the LR Baggs M1 active pickups and couldn’t be happier!

Man they sound great! Much more accurate sounding than piezos to my ears. Installation is super-easy on a Taylor as the strap button hole is already the right size for a jack and the pickup itself just clamps on. Battery location is on the bottom of the pickup and with active use needs to be changed once a year.

On my Martin, I had to make a 1/2" hole. That sucked. My drill wasn’t powerful enough so it lifted some of the binding. After installing the jack, the binding got pressed back down and you can’t see the damage, but I know it’s there.


The demos sound WAY better than piezos for sure! I can’t stand the piezo acoustic sound, either-too thin and harsh.


Piezos are a bit thin and nasally to my ears. These sound great! I don’t notice a difference in the unplugged sound from the pickup sitting in the sound hole either.
If I want to remove the pickup, I just need to unclamp it and unplug the jack. Simple as that.


I once had an Ovation Balladeer that Philip Petillo (my guitar tech at the time) installed a radium powered pup as well as a DeMarzio stack hum bucking magnetic pup at the same time. The radium powered pup was inside the guitar top and sounded as good or better than any condenser or SM 57 mike I ever tried for live or recording.


I finally got the demo to load. It does sound amazing truthfully.


Yeah I’ve never liked the piezo sound either.

But the Baggs sounds really good.

Congrats! And here I thought you had arrived at the No G.A.S enlightenment level.

Happy gear hunting :slight_smile:


Hahahahaha, I did end my electric guitar gas… That’s something, right?
I’ve owned the two acoustics that I have for a while now. No real urge to get anything else although I’m very curious to try a Collings. They’re like the Suhr of the acoustic world.