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I installed Xubuntu on two Hdd’s. One 32Bit and another 64 bit. It was pretty friendly. I liked it. I also installed Lubuntu 32 on another drive and Lubuntu 64 on yet another drive.

They are basically the similar but the Lubuntu has a more windows oriented desktop. I really like it as it is user friendly and you need not be a nerd to work your way around it.

I was running WinXp 32 bit on the machine I was testing. I went into BIOS and changed the setting from 32 to 64 bit and then I loaded Lubuntu AMD64. I left the grub on the Lubuntu drive as I loaded the system with all the other drives disconnected.

Then I answered the big question. Will WinXP 32bit still run on the 64 bit BIOS setting?

YES! And it runs just fine. So I have a dual boot with Win XP32 (I have a lot of great programs that won’t run on anything after Win XP) I can use the boot menu at startup to switch systems and they both work flawlessly.

I can now go on the internet with a virus resistant OS (Relatively speaking as I do not know if there are any out there for Linux) and I can use XP for recording.

Windows can’t “see” the Lubuntu drive but the Lubuntu drive can “mount” and see my windows drives if I want ti import any files from them. (Music files/ videos, txt etc)
All the hardware runs better with the Lubuntu drivers than they do with the Windows drivers. The end result?

I am a very happy friggin camper. Now I am doing the same for my Win7 machine and win 10 machines. My WinXP OS has been obsoleted for quite a few videos, but I can view anything with my Lubuntu OS.

Until now I had to have a separate machine for my older recording programs and another for the Internet. Not anymore. Man, I REALLY LOVE Lubuntu 64, and you can run Lubuntu 32 on almost all older P4 machines with little more than 250 megs of memory.

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BUT you have to set your 64 bit machine to 32 bit to INSTALL winXP (At least I believe you do) and then after it is installed just go to BIOS and switch to 64 bit to load Xubuntu AMD64. My Machines were set to 32 when I loaded XP.

I’m lovin it. Everything works perfectly so far. I am using 24/192 recording sound-cards. STA Hoontech (Drivers discontinued past winXP, and STA Maya44 and Juli@ cards. All 4 OS, both 32 and 64 loaded the soundcards without any problems. Both Lubuntu 64 and Xubuntu 64. I prefer Xubuntu because of the friendly desktop that that can be highly customized. Lubuntu has a stubborn desktop that won’t let me do some stuff I want to do. Still trying both. on different machines.

Lubuntu32 and Xubuntu32 do NOT allow some very fine add-ons and extensions to be added as they were designed for older machines and the Firefox browser that comes with them is an older version that can’t be updated for all the newer 64bit gadgets. Yet the browser and everything works just fine on 32 bit
machines. Downloaders are easi9ly added to Firefox and can be had at the Linux or Ubuntu sites.

Still lovin it. I added Xubuntu to my Gigabyte i3 and i5 MB’s which incidentally were built during the bad Millennium era. (Micro Suck modified the hardware drivers to accept WinXP during that period when they
had the OS nightmare)

Since no exe extensions are used no viruses. Win systems can not see the windows drives when operating in Ububtu. But you can open them yourself and access all the files that aren’t relevant to the OS, such as Videos, txt, jpg, and doc files

I don’t load any vid or music files to my Xubuntu drive as I can access them from my storage drives in the Windows system.

This all might be useless information but I posted it in case it isn’t.