Melodic Cells


One of Jimmy’s biggest things he stresses is the use of melodic cells. Playing scales in 3rds, 4ths, 6ths. up 3 notes back 2 etc, etc… He always said that when he was young he practiced using violin method books. One of the books he suggested was the Franz Wohlfahrt 60 studies for violin. I’ve been getting into this for a couple of months and it’s pretty dang wonderful. Thought I’d pass it along.

It’s very good and will get your fingers moving in ways you’re not used too, but not so difficult that it can’t be mastered. Alas…One does have to practice the material for it to be effective. :smile:

I picked up Oliver Nelson’s Patterns for Saxophone in college. Another great melodic cell book, but some of the stuff was so far out there, it would lose me. The Wohlfahrt works wonderfully with the majority of the excersices over “Inside” notes. Here’s Nelson’s book of your interested.

As far as getting out there Nelson’s stuff was great. This is one of my favorites “Blues and the Abstract truth”. Played this in a big band. And yeah, We had one hell of a pianist. Thank god, I was stumbling around trying to grab a chord every 4 beats or so… :smile:

Oliver Nelson - Blues And The Abstract Truth