Mesa Boogie JP-2C


A reissue of the famous Mark IIC+ but modernized according to John Petrucci’s requirements:

Mesa/Boogie JP-2C

John Petrucci goes in depth into the amp in this interview


I once had a Mark IIC + which that amp is based on. I actually gave it away to a friend of mine Lou Marscal who fronts Live At The Fillmore tribute band of the Allman Brothers band, as a gift because he sold my Otari MX70 16 track tape deck My Tac Scorpion 24x16x4x2 board, and My Otari MX70 Half track tape with Dolby SR. And he paid me the full amount of 25 grand, and as I learned he was going bankrupt at the time and realized he paid me regardless of his companies troubles, I gave him that amp (After the check cleared) Recently I saw a post by him playing at a smaller gig with that amp head, he still has it. By the way at the time I had a Mark 4 1-12 combo and a Mesa Strategy 400 watt tube power amp with The Quad Preamp so it was no loss really.