Mirrorless/ Micro 4:3?


Looking to move up from point and shoot. Any recommendations at the entry level on the mirrorless stuff?

Here’s what’s important to me:

Ease of use. I don’t want to have to scroll through lots of menus to take a shot.

Video. Would like 1080p 60fps

Decent low light images.

Any brands I should avoid? I read varied opinions about Pentax, for example, so I’d probably avoid them I guess.

Any other tips/advice?


Drew and Bert know this stuff


Yeah, I was hoping maybe they’d chime in. I know they aren’t on here a lot, but I’m not in a big hurry.


Here’s a recent roundup:


If you want good low light performance, I would look at sensor size primarily. Though most of these will be APS-C 3:2 sensors…

Canon’s autofocus always seems to be slower than the competition but it looks like the EOSM is out of production so it’s cheaper now around the $300+ area.

In the price range of $500+ I would take a look at the Sony A5100 if only because it supposedly focuses really fast


The EOSM seems to be the ticket except for the slow autofocus. Looks like that was addressed in a firmware update, but still not quite up to what it should be.

What about Magic Lantern? Would that help with AF speed?


I doubt it, since magic lantern is more about uncovering hidden features rather than replacing the algos (which may be in part fixed in hardware).


Now I’m kinda considering the Samsung NX300. I’ve seen a few on Ebay. Not in a big hurry though. I’ll keep reading up.

I think I have an old Olympus 50mm lens somewhere.
The Samsung, and probably the Sony, might work better for old manual lenses. It didn’t look like the Canon had any kind of manual focus assist-focus peaking, or whatever.


So, I went with the EOS-M. It looks like Magic Lantern does have focus peaking. Should be here Wednesday :thumbsup:


Got it today. Pretty cool. I’ve got a lot to learn, though. Took a few pics of the dogs. I’ll play around with it some more tomorrow when there’s some light :thumbsup:

They rarely sit still long enough to focus the camera :smile:


Still messing around and trying to learn this camera. Video is pretty good, but I can’t figure out how to manual focus w/o getting my fingers in front of the lens :smile:



That’s pretty neat for the price. I wonder if it could replace the camcorder if it had a big enough card?


I think the max card size it can take is 32gb. Maybe 64 w/ magic lantern installed. It works really well for video. I bought a cheap cctv lens to play around with. The problem with that is trying to focus while filming. The autofocus on the kit lens is decent, though.

A Gopro might be a better replacement for a camcorder.


Got a couple of old lenses. One is off my mom’s old camera-an Olympus 50mm f1.8, the other is a Vivitar 70-210mm f3.5 zoom with macro. It’s fun to shoot with these old manual lenses, but I don’t know how anybody could ever focus quick enough to get good action shots back in the old days :man_shrugging:

Here’s some video I took with them: