Modartt Pianoteq 6


Modartt has released Pianoteq 6


I found the MIDI from my previous recording:

Here’s the result with PianoTeq 6 and
Samplicity’s free Natural Hall reverb impulse response


Cool! I bought a synth years ago and for the life of me, I can’t play or create on keys. It’s too alien.


The keyboard layout just makes much more logical sense to me. With guitar I rely more on muscle memory.


AC, (cough) GR-55 :smile:


What’s a GR-55 and how much is it going to cost me? :slight_smile:


Last guitar to midi unit I had was the Roland GM70 it would control 4 separate synths at one time on different MIDI channels. I had it hooked up to a Roland MKS 20 piano module 2 Roland D 550’s and an MKS 70 (Super JX 10 in a rack unit). The sounds I got out of that rig were simply awesome.

A Roland GR 55


Oh I see… Yeah, that would have been the right way to go. At this point, I’ve gone the “unplugged” route. I think I’m reverting.