Music Man Majesty


My local store has one in stock and I got to play around with it. What a fun guitar! Since I’m in the market for a guitar, this happens to be one on my list. It’s one of the most ergonomic guitars that i’ve picked up and super-light. The controls are cool too with a great pickup selector switch.

Compared to my JP XI, I think it plays a bit easier as the frets seem to be taller. They look like jumbos to me whereas the XI is somewhere from medium to short.

My hesitation to get it comes from the fact that I’m a little scared of the electronics. It has the Game Changer system and looks like a nightmare inside. Anything goes wrong, it’s gonna need to be sent back to EBMM. Also, the model they have is Polar Noir (Black). Kinda meh. There seems to be a minor blemish on the arm rest too. Looks like it may have bumped into another guitar which left a spot about the size of a quarter that’s shiny on the matte finish and has a really tiny indentation.


The only annoyance for me would be the batteries… I occasionally leave my guitars plugged in and I’ve run down 9V batteries on the EMG equipped guitar.
If anything goes wrong you could just send it to Todd :slight_smile:

So you still suffer major G.A.S huh?

It’s all gone here - I have enough variation in guitars and plenty of amp/cab combinations with the Axe-Fx that I haven’t had guitar related G.A.S for a couple of years :stuck_out_tongue:


That upper horn on the Majesty looks kinda silly :neutral_face:


Yeah, the battery is another issue. The upper horn makes sense as the body is so tiny. Like all MM guitars, it’s more about the ergonomics than looks.


Gas ain’t as bad as it used to be. I have everything that I need and am very happy with it. Every once in a while I get curious about new gear though.


I played one, and it was a lot of fun to play.


I bailed on the deal. It absolutely needs a battery or it doesn’t work. :thumbsdown: