MusicTech Masterclass Vol 1


I was looking at magazines yesterday at Borders and came across one that I think it a must have for anyone working on their recording chops.

There is a mag called MusicTech that puts out these large, very well done, mags just full of tip[s and techniques related to recording. I don’t know if they have a monthly mag or not. I don’t think so, but they do these “MusicTech Focus” issues for $20 that are designed around a particular app. For example, there was one on Recording Guitars a while back that I got. It’s all related to recording as a guitarist. Micing amps, going direct, mixing, eq settings, effects, plugins, etc… A great resource I thought! There is a ProTools one on the shelves now that I want to get too. They usually come with a dvd full of stuff as well.

Anyway, there is one out there now, a 200+ page beast called “Musictech Masterclass Vol 1” and its all recording based. Lots of DAWs and other programs covered. One particular thing that drew me to it is they have a tutorial on mixing drums in ProTools. And on the dvd is a huge project folder that you copy to your machine and then actually mix the drums tracks yourself along with the tutorial. Talk about a true hands on experience!!! $33 is the sticker price on the book (in the magazine section) but I found it on eBay for $23 shipped. So I grabbed it. Lots of Sonar stuff in there too. Cubase. Ableton. Logic. Etc… And most of the stuff talked about is cross-useful to other DAWs anyway.

I think this is a great buy and it’ll be on the back of my toilet very soon!


This looks way cool Jer! Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


Very cool. This sort of mag must be common in UK. They have these huge, thick mags chock full of great info with free CDs, free software, sometimes free gear, but Jeebus they’re expensive.

One in particular is Guitar-Techniques Tons of cool stuff, but way too expensive to subscribe to. The content can all be found in unscrupulous locales on the interwebs, fortunately :thumbsup:


they may be expensive but the content is worth it. You get about 8 issues of a shit american mag in one of those…

And FAR LESS ads.

I think most US mags actually start on page 22… Its all ads before that. And of course the last 10 pages are worthless. More ads…

In fact, most of the pages in the middle suck too.