My Niece Grace doing Imagin John Lennon


Look for Imagine Mix 2, I did all the instrumentation she did the vocals into my DAW. You can aslo hear her on Reverb Nation ,Grace In The Woods.


Very beautiful! The harmonies are angelic. She really made it her own tune. Great job both of you! :thumbsup:


Thanks AC angelic was her actual spoken intent on this tune and she pulled it off I think.




I not a fan of the harmonies, but I loved the parts where she belted it out solo.


Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. :thumbsup:


Darn that’s pretty good!


Nice, what does she look like?


She is very beautiful, well balanced emotionally, and has a man in her life, her musical cohort Neem Wood, the other half of Grace in the Woods.


...well balanced emotionally

Then she’s doing way better than any other woman (or singer) I’ve ever met :smiley:

Nice job on the tune, btw :thumbsup: