Need camcorder suggestions


I need a camcorder.

Any ideas? I tried the pricey Canons already, and the files are gargantuan and hard to wield. Same with the Panasonics & so forth.

I am looking for a frame rate above 30, because as on the vid I just posted, my fingers are way faster than my camera at 30fps.

I am also looking for a 720i or 720p recording mode. All I need it for is mainly guitar picking videos. It needs a flip screen and a good tripod mount. Not asking for much here. :grin:

Of all the biggy cameras, the software is way more then the camera, not to mention that I would have to purchase a computer with a newer OS just to edit with my Mega pricey program. When I check things out, it looks like about 2-3 grand just to make a couple of nice vids.

So I am hoping someone knows of a (Preferably SD card based) camcorder with stereo audio input who’s files can be manipulated on a 3 ghz Pentium.

I also am looking for moderately priced software for editing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It would be nice if it ran on Win XP with no more than SP1 on it. So is this an impossible search?

Shopping sucks if you try to be thorough in your research.


I was gonna suggest this, but it misses on the >30 FPS criteria :frown:

Cheap, though.


I’ve got one of these and love it


you know that “JVC Everio” covers like 15 different models in the last 6 months right?


What, like I work for JVC or something?

No, didn’t know that, I’ll get the model # when I get home…“Mr. Specific”


[quote=“CobaltBlooz, post:5, topic:4665”]What, like I work for JVC or something?

No, didn’t know that, I’ll get the model # when I get home…“Mr. Specific”[/quote]

:rofl: :rofl:


Thanks. I am going to check out everything that you guys suggest. I pretty much burned out checking stuff myself in the last week.

My main priorities are

Good clean pic. Preferable a above 30fps

Stereo mike input

Image stabilization

A lens that doesn’t start above 35mm equiv. I need close proximity.

A choice of wide format or standard format. I like 720i but not full HD

I hate usless thousand mile zooms that make a pic shake all over the place.

I don’t want much, do I? :smile:


It’s the “Micro SD HDD GZ-MG630SU”

Don’t know if it meets any of your specs…it met mine— “under $400.00”


If audio is a priority, check out the Zoom Q3

It doesn’t have the video specs you’re looking for, though.


Yeah. It is also missing the stereo mike input for direct recording. And I need the flip screen. I’m going to keep looking.

And the Micro didn’t have the audio input either. But the video on that one looked pretty good. It beat the rest of the pack in lo light recording. I wonder if they would still warranty it if I chewed out the mikes from behind those front grills with an exacto knife and soldered jacks to it. I doubt it. If it wasn’t for that the mini SD and no input… crap this sure isn’t easy. They want to drive you to 1080 and the high dollar software to get what you kinda want but really don’t.


[quote=“CobaltBlooz, post:8, topic:4665”]It’s the “Micro SD HDD GZ-MG630SU”

Don’t know if it meets any of your specs…it met mine— “under $400.00”[/quote]

I did the dirty deed and bought that camera. $295.00 at Abes of Maine. With a 30 day return policy. No audio control, but I’ll give it a shot. Low light performance sold me on it. And the price wasn’t any more than I spent on my last Canon A 620. That is the camera I have been using for my videos. Now everyone knows why I need something else. Sucky sound, But the still pic quality of that Canon A 620 is fantastic.

I doubt that I will return it, but I’m biding my time until the new 10801 Canons hit the market.

If they are too high priced, I am going for last years Vixia HF S100.


I’ve recently got that same one in the 1080p model. My computer chokes trying to play or edit the video files. Otherwise I might suggest recording the audio separately then combining the separate audio/video files into a single file after-wards.



When I looked at 1080p cameras I also checked the reviews on all of them. A lot of people are having a problem with the programs and the computers when handling those 1080i & 1080p huge files.
That being said, I didn’t want to have to get a new computer and one of those high dollar editing programs. I haven’t ruled it out altogether, but I think I should see just how much I am going to actually use a camcorder first. If I do end up inspired, then my daughter will most likely get this one.

As it is I have to work out a whole bunch of songs just to make more videos that I would consider worth making.

Not to mention that my face broke my last Canon. :frowning:

What program are you using for editing?


As I mentioned I can’t edit, though I have access to Pinnacle and Vegas, but I prefer simpler free programs like Ulead until I get more familiar. Even though I can’t edit, I will have a nice quality video file stowed away for one day when the computer can handle it, and for now the JVC features a single-button push Youtube upload feature which simplifies things.

 The Micro SD HDD GZ-MG630SU Camcorder went back the day after I bought it. I LOVED the sound and hated the picture resolution. It looked like bad video tape.  

After I sent it back I reviewed the footage I had taken with that JVC. Upon close inspection, it appeared that the auto focus was off a bit. No distinct edges anywhere, everything was just fuzzy. I couldn’t even read the rather big label on my jeans in footage taken three feet away. However, it did pick up everything quite well. Stuff in the distance and stuff in the foreground were equally fuzzy. No distinct double image, just no sharp definition. I am sure it was the auto focus that was off a bit. Otherwise, how could it take Camcorder of the year?

As soon as it gets back I am going to get the Canon High Def 1080p. Jeeze, I hate to spend the extra money, but I was leery of having them send another JVC to me.

If a second one didn’t work out, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t take it back. It was a really nice unit. I’m pretty unhappy that it didn’t work out. Great features, neat stuff all around. Just too damned fuzzy. :frowning:


I can take a vid with the jvc I got an post it if you like.


I would like to see something like a 1 meg clip. What I saw couldn’t have even been in the camera of the year choices. It was pathetic. I am sure the one I had was faulty. I also read a review by a buyer who said the same thing. I would imagine that a few had focus problems. Everything else was really nice. I hated to send it back. It was so just right other than the focus. But then that is what a camera is about.

The Canon has audio inputs on it. That is a big plus for me. But if the HUGE files are unwieldy, I guess it won’t matter. I didn’t care for the output format either, but I went into the camera and dragged the folders on to my desktop and worked with them that way. Let me know when you have a clip up.


I have the gz-hd300. I don’t think that there is any mic inputs.

I converted a 50 second clip using avs converter. The clip was recorded in full hd. I could have just recorded a smaller quality on the camera. It has 4 quality modes that range from 24mbps to 5mbps.
The first one is 320x240
The second is 620x420 ( i have no idea why this file turned out to be smaller )

The mic on the camera is probably about 12’ from the speakers and facing away from the sound. ( So there is a lot of room for improvement there )


Thanks for posting, but a 11.5 meg file is way too big for my line modem. It would take an hour for me to download a file that size. I download at 4.6 kbps most of the time.

I have a 56K modem, but it’s on line top speed is 44Kbps. I don’t know why files load so slow.

I need to see about a 1-2 meg file at 640 X 480 to be able to compare your camera to the one I sent back.

This is Fred Flintstones old computer.

Dino powers the spindle, and a Pterodactyl pecks the platter when I save MP3 files to disc. :frown:


This is 720x420.