Network geeks (no offense I admire you), a question


I went from DSL to cable about a month ago. My DSL worked well and I could include my snow bird neighbors on the wireless. This year when they got here, I had changed over to cable, I put one neighbor on the wireless, and he gave out my code to his family, when they left other neighbors came and all together there were nine devices using the internet, mine were my computer, Magic Jack Plus, my laptop, and the new I-pad. My neighbor had his I-Phone, I-Pad, and laptop on. Another neighbor had a laptop and i-phone on for internet use. All told nine devices. Soon my laptop (wireless) computer began dropping off the net, and I would have to go out and reboot the modem and router. Last evening I simply changed the name of my router, and put in a new 16 digit wep key.

My question is would that amount of gear have addressing issues that would give the router a headache? Especially if one or more of the laptops had some kind of malware on it and was sending out bad traffic. All of my computers are relatively clean but those other two laptops are dogs.


It’s probably not an issue with the router, but with the demand on bandwidth at one time. You are a VERY nice neighbor, but in doing so, you may leave yourself open to lawsuits and even jail time, if one of them does anything while connected to your connection.

You can see my post about the cable technician that wanted to circumvent my router. I have my system locked down. Nothing gets in except for the devices I let in.


A friend on another forum also hipped me to troubles with a smart meter. There is a smart meter just 4 feet above the cable connection and not 10 feet from my wireless router with only a well insulated 2x4 wall between the smart meter and my router. That is scary. Although there was never a problem with my 2 wire from the Qwest phone company. The problem only started after my snow bird neighbors got on my wireless. I have them all locked out for now. So far so good. 24 hours of no problems but that could change. Fingers crossed… Wood knocking in short order.

And Ed the snow birds are locked out and they ain’t gettin back on, I was thinking about someone doing child porn or some other shady shit, so from now on I have them all locked out


What’s the issue with the smart meter?


I don’t know, it was just mentioned by a friend on another forum, and I thought OK that is a new twist. So far so good these past few days since I locked out the snowbirds.


I just read up on the smart meter. Supposedly they emit electromagnetic radiation that can interfere with wireless devices. The tinfoil hats are saying the meters are bad for human health, too :neutral_face:


Bummer because the smart meter is just 10 feet from the headboard of my bed. I am thinking some kind of solution for that.


Looks like a smart meter is no problemo at 10+ feet even if it is always on. I just Googled it, and I found some stuff from some scientific bunch. In fact it says the microwave oven is 10 times more risky than a smart meter at 3 feet. Mine is 10’ plus away. My cell phone emits 500 times more of the bad stuff than a smart meter at 10 feet. Glad I don’t use that all that much.