New cans SHP9500


Philips SHP9500

I’ve seen so much hype over these things, I had to try them out. I’ve never had open back 'phones before and I’m pretty impressed with the sense of space you get. Obviously a lot of bleed through, so no good for tracking. Lighter than than their size would lead you to expect, with a fairly light clamping force make them super comfortable. For the price these would be tough to beat.

Review from Z-Reviews (NSFW language)


Cool! I’ve always wanted to find a good set of headphones but I haven’t landed a proper pair yet.


Newegg has an open box set for $39 right now if you hurry :wink: The drawback of these is the bleed through, and they don’t block any sound from the surrounding environment. So not the best for crowded, noisy places.

Also, I’ve read that because of the lack of isolation people tend to crank up open back headphones more than closed ones, risking hearing damage. I can’t hear anything above 14.5k anymore, which I’m told is normal for my age, so I can’t comment on the top end-other than the fact they don’t sound overly bright and fatiguing.


It would be for home use only, so the outside noise isn’t a factor. Cool, thanks!


That’s neat how it looks like the 3.5mm cable plugs in. Gives me an idea on how to fix my Audio Technicas.

That reminds me. I gotta find some type of industrial set for work with BT and controllable noise-cancellation.


My son likes to blow his money, and he got these: Sony WH1000XM2 I wouldn’t describe them as “industrial” but they’re Bluetooth and have controllable noise cancellation, or you can plug them into a 3.5mm cable if you don’t want to go wireless for some reason. They’re pretty impressive.


Those seem really neat (they have them on display at BestBuy). I wonder if the sound quality improves when a cable is attached.