New Dokken?


Pretty solid effort. I heard a rumor on Ozzy’s Boneyard that they were going on tour without Don Dokken. That was unconfirmed, though. :thinking:


At first, I didn’t like it. It may have been due to watching the “processed” live video of them playing In My Dreams, where Don’s overdub doesn’t match him singing on the live video. It’s like they didn’t even try to get it right.

But, I listened a few times, over a couple of days. Now I realize that I like it a lot.

The story behind it is interesting. They wrote it, and Don wanted it sped up. He never wrote down the lyrics. He had them in his head. The end result was definitely worth the wait.

I also love the video, where they show them in their prime as flashbacks. Awesome stuff.


Lynch is just a freaking beast! The rumor that I read about them is that George may replace the current Dokken guitarist although initially Don Dokken said it would never happen. Who knows? Love em or hate em, these guys do their best work with each other, imo.