New FM3 compact amp modeler/FX announced

  • Priced at $999.99
  • 1 Amp block only
  • Not all FX from Axe-FX III. But it does have the TriChorus
    *From cliff: “so far we didn’t port the Vocoder, Tone Match, RTA and 10-Tap Delay IIRC”
  • Looks like all the IR’s (2200+ Factory IRS) made it from the Axe-Fx III
  • 2000 User IR slots
  • 4x4 USB audio
  • Supports the FC-6 and FC-12 foot controllers
  • Basically like a mini Axe-Fx III


Is this replacing the AX8?


Yes it is.

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nice stuff


Interesting. It sounds nice. Now if I could only get someone to program it.

Unfortunately I would be either on the other side of the grass or too old to play before I could learn how to use it. :frowning: