New Gears Day- Boho Gas Can Hot Sauce


Sat hello to “Rojo Diabla”, my new Bohemian Guitars gas can. They were having a sale and dropped the price from $350 to $250, which caused my impulse buy reflex to twitch. It sounds incredible (double P90s), but needs a setup (I’m going to dress the fret ends this weekend too).

They make some cool stuff, and really nice people, family owned, and great customer service.


That looks awesome! We need a demo, though :ear::eye:


My webcam is fucked, need a new one. Check this out, normally you would think of people playing some blues or slide on one of these, but it does metal too


$250? That’s almost the price of the P90’s right there.

It looks hilarious, certainly a conversation piece.

Is it neck heavy? Or do they load the can to balance it out?


Very neck heavy, even tho the neck is mounted to a 2x4 in the body cavity. The playability isn’t great (like most cheap guitars) since the body sticks way out, the hand positioning takes some getting used to. Setting this up for slide would be ideal, I think. I dressed the fret ends, so the sharp points are gone now, and had a blast jamming on it for hours this weekend. It sounds incredible, equal to my more upscale guitars.


Interesting almost Bo Diddly like


It rips!


Neat, enjoy.


Yeah, it doesn’t sound like a tin can at all. Nice!