New Gears Day - Fender Jazzmaster


I’ve been wanting an offset shape forever (just because I don’t have one), and something with P-90’s in it, so today killed 2 birds with one stone. Picked up a 2014 Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster on Reverb. Plays nice, and has the “Surf Twang” I like so much.
On to the next goal, maybe a Dano…


Nice, good luck with it.


Cool, congrats! How’s the bar on it? Does it stay in tune?


The vibrato is really subtle, even more so than a Bigsby. I beat on it pretty good for a bit, and it stayed in tune.


P-90’s are the bomb.



Very cool! I thought Bigsby’s were the most subtle.
This is a short scale guitar too, right?


25 1/2" scale, 21 medium jumbo frets, 9.5 radius…the Mustang’s and Duo Sonics are short scale.

Plus it has the unique “trem-loc” feature – a feature I didn’t even know about. If a string breaks, normally the missing pull of that string forces tremolo systems out of tune, usually the whole tuning goes sharp. That is because the balance between the tremolo’s spring and the pull of the strings has shifted – the spring is now stronger in comparison to the pull and forces the strings to go sharp.

Fender designed the Jag and JM tremolo so that with a simple slide of a knob, the “right” tuning is restored – the tremolo works downward only when the lock is engaged.


Very cool! I never heard about that feature. How are the P90s on it? Are they bright or dark sounding? I had a set that were relatively dark.


Well, it’s got this “Lead Circuit” on the left horn of the pick guard. That has a tone and a volume mix, separate from the main volume and tone controls. With the lead tone up, it’s as bright & spanky as I could possibly want a pick-up to be.