One Hour Method app


This app is currently on sale for .99 (normally $4.99).
I feel that I have an ok knowledge of chords that I think are useful (maj, min, aug, dim, 7th) so I wasn’t sure how much that I would pick up from this app. For.99 I thought it may be worth checking it out as there’s always something to learn. After playing around with it I gotta say that I’m glad that I bought it.
Basically it starts off with a simple chord and then does one note variation at a time. It’s so simple and logical that it kind of reminds me of the CAGED system except for chords.
The way it goes about it is that they start off with a DMaj chord in the open position. Then they go making a single note variation string by string while keeping you aware of the root note, 3rd, and fifth of the original chord as a base reference.
I think if I learned chords this way I would have retained a broader knowledge and had more readily available at my disposal.


I’ll check it out thanks for heads up


I’d be curious as to what you think about it. While some things should be obvious, it really made a point for me showing how specific changes reside on each relative string. Music theory made easy.


Downloaded it. I’ll give it a try tonight :thumbsup:



I feel like I’ve got a good grasp on a lot of the material now. Some of it just gets a bit too deep for my needs though but I definitely got something out of the app.


I think the reason that I like this app’s methodology is because it teaches linearly. For instance, when I learned chords it kinda went like Maj, Min, Suspended, 7th, Dim, Aug… All those chords are kind of random if you think about it.
The way that this app approaches it is that they’ll take a 4 string chord and go through the changes in order of each string, finger position change by change. In one example, you take a D chord in the open position. Keeping this chord as your base shape, you’ll have the third fret on the B string as part of the chord structure and it’s considered a root note. From there, the instructions will stay on the B string and work your way down so that the next will be holding the D chord shape but moving down to the second fret on the B string for a major 7th, then to the first for a minor 7th, then to the open for a D6 chord.

It’s really simpler within the app as they explain it graphically.


Chords and substitutions aren’t really my strong point, anyway. I think it will be well worth the 99¢ for me.