Patches with Wah pedal


I went through all my patches and noticed that none of the stock or any of the other 300+ patches have a wah pedal in them. Looking at the manual it says there is a parameter in the wah effect I think it was “control” or something like that which controls the wah sweep and is usually linked to a pedal.

Looking at the mfc101 manual it says that exp 2 port defaults to some type of typical wah setting, but simply adding a wah pedal block in the grid isn’t connecting things.

Anyone here now how to set the wah sweep to a exp pedal attached to a midi controller? Also is it possible to have the same pedal do volume swells at the same time as sweeping the wah? :help:


Within the wah block, you have to designate the controller. If you’re using an expression pedal, scroll until you see Expression 1, Expression 2, etc… You’ll know which one when you move the pedal and watch the scale.
If you assign the volume and wah blocks to be controlled by one expression pedal, I’m sure it’ll work.


What are you scrolling exactly? There is nothing in the wah block that mentions expression pedals.


Page 1, go to FREQ and hit "Enter."
The first item on the menu is “Source.” From Source, roll the dial until you see “EXTRN” and find your pedal.


Ahh I didn’t know that was there. So i set that to External 2. The I/O menu says that is mapped to 17 which is also the default for mfc101 exp port #2 to which the pedal is hooked. But still no sweep. I’ve calibrated the pedal. :neutral_face:


I can’t tell you about the MFC as I don’t have it. Mine is plugged straight into the AxeFx. With the All Access, nothing special has to be done either. I can plug into it instead and scroll until I see which moves with the expression pedal. Maybe scroll to another spot or reset the I/O to what you want.


By the way, anything in the menu that has the little rectangle beneath has some secret sauce. Just hit “Enter” and find out. :sunglasses:


Grathan, I’m running an expression pedal into the Liquid Foot for wah. I’ll check my settings when I get home and post them. Can’t remember the settings off the top of my head. Once I got it set where I wanted it and it worked, any time I want wah in a patch, I just copy the first one and it’s all set up.


Words from the I/O menu himself. :smile:


heh heh. :smile:

I plugged it into the axe pedal 2 directly, that doesn’t sweep either. What is wahwah 1 byp mapped to 62 do in the I/O menu?


I think External 3 would be for the MFC. Try to assign External 1 to Pedal 1 and plug it into the back of the AxeFx.


OK, that sounds good. I bypassed the wah effect by mistake somehow though. How do I get back to the grid, or even unbypass an effect?


Hit the “Eff. Byp.” button on the front panel while the block is highlighted, hit the assigned footswitch, or with the wah, see if you have “autoengage” on. If you do, then just rock the pedal and it’ll kick itself on. Lots of different options.


wow your a pro at this :fearful: I never should have learned axe edit to edit stuff. thanks . I was able to get it by “learning” that comes up when you hit enter while external 2 was highlighted in the I/o menu. The pedal was actually 16 even though it says 17? in the menus of the mfc101.


Nice :thumbsup: :smile:


There’s a setting in the I/O menu for “MIDI.” I think if you start the map from 0 it’ll align. Yours may be set to 1 right now. :neutral_face:
When you learn the controller menu on the AxeFx, that’s where the fun really starts. For instance, I have my delay set with “Pitch” as the controller and set the envelope on the graph so that low notes will have a dry mix while higher notes will blend in delay. Another fun thing to do is set “Envelope” as a controller with chorus. As I pick lighter or roll the volume knob on my guitar down, chorus starts to blend into the mix. You won’t have to step on footswitches anymore with the AxeFx. :sunglasses:


Hey that is pretty neat. I was able to sweep the freq with a wah connected to the mfc. That leads me to wonder if I can use the same exp pedal on another preset for pitch shift to control how much shift… For example, the band I am in only has 2 guitars, but the song calls for 2 leads + rythym, where the leads are harmonized, but not at a constant pitch. I wonder… could I rig the pedal to shift the pitch of the harmony line?


I know just about every parameter is controllable although I haven’t tried that. Might be a pain to nail the harmony and have it stick though (since you have to rock the pedal to where the note shift is).


Can’t you use the Intelligent harmonizer?


That’ll do the trick. On my first read-through I thought he was referring to key changing.