Paul Gilbert online Rock school




If I knew that I’d have the time, I’d definitely sign up for this. PG and Guthrie Govan are two guys that I’d be happy to pay for lessons with. :thumbsup:


So almost 2 years later…I just enrolled. I am self-taught so this is actually my first guitar teacher :slight_smile: I hope I have the diligence of following through :slight_smile:

Also, my kid just told me he wants to learn electric guitar So we are doing the lessons together from the beginning.

I’ve only gone through the first 4 lessons but it’s clear Paul is a great teacher.


:sunglasses: :popcorn:


Well I haven’t dedicated as much time as I would like but I started doing the fundamentals lessons.

A lot of emphasis on rythm and muting your strings, etc…

This is one of them:

That sounds simple but it stumped me when I tried it at first.

The best part so far is the video exchanges, where he gives a lot of alternate exercises to the people posting the videos, which not only give me some ideas on what to play but they are some great rhythm exercises.


I think I’m going to sign up for this when my band takes a brief hiatus. It would be great to shake things up.