Pci slot compatibility


I’m looking at the Echo3g audio interface. It says It is PCI based. Their website also states the following :

Echo 3G and Echo24 family: Layla3G, Gina3G, MiaMIDI -Requires a PCI slot.* (We do not support PCI-e at this time.) *All PCI products are compatible with 5V PCI, 3.3V PCI and PCI-X. 9.

Does this mean it would be able to plug into a pci-e slot? :thinking:


That’s a negative.



ahh well. I wonder why it takes music cards so long to adapt to new technology and yet so quick to drop support of drivers for new operating systems…


They want you to upgrade to a new MOBO every 2 years…bastards


There are a gazillion MB’s out there that are mega fast, as far as recording goes. Stuff sufficient for at least 16 - 24 tracks. Why not just keep a few for DAW use and others for gaming or photo editing?
I have friends that run commercial studios and use older systems with no problems.

I remember stereo amplifiers boasting only 10% distortion. Then it went to 5% then to 3% then to 1% then to .05% then to .1% an so on down to .0005% and on and on. It takes a really good ear to hear 3.0%. So everyone was buying specs. Same with LCD TV's and many other products. 

Perhaps gaming is a might different since massive video and audio have to emulate real time and intense graphics. But I do not see problems with older machines processing audio efficiently.

I have a friend that records 12 tracks with a PIII 450 and his stuff sounds good. However it takes about 3 minutes for the tracks to show the waves. Slower than molasses, but the recordings sound just fine. 

In a lot of instances the industries depend on us purchasing specs when products we have work just fine.

Instant gratification simply takes too long.