Peavey Revalver 4


I’ve been checking out amp modeling software lately, and this one from Peavey seems to be underrated for what it does.

The business model is kind of interesting. You download the software for free and only pay for the models/packs that you want. Everything is available to try out and tweak in the free version, there’s just an irritating tone every 30 seconds.

The ACT Modules can model guitars, amps and EQ settings from audio that you input. From the looks of one of the demos it looks like it creates an IR from your input signal.

It appears it can also load 3rd party cabinet IR’s and convolution reverbs.

Anyway, I’m just checking out. This has been around a while, but I’d never heard about it. I’ve heard of Bias and Amplitube and Guitar Rig and Pod Farm etc etc. I guess I’ll see why this was under the radar…


I have not been into modeling since the Pod XT and GNX2 days. I hear some of the expensive modelers are pretty darn good however.


I’m with you on not being into modelers. The problem is that it’s such a hassle to drag out my amp and a cab and my pedal board etc. Then it’s too loud for everybody but me :grinning: It’s just not practical. I have a Pod Studio GX with Pod Farm software that I bought years ago. It sounds OK, but is mostly uninspiring. I’m just trying things out to see if software modeling has improved since Pod Farm.

What I don’t understand is why do presets always sound like ass? You’d think if they were trying to entice people to buy the software they’d hire a guy with some ears to make it sound good right out of the gate. The clean sounds are always too bassy or too thin, the crunch sounds like somebody poked a hole in a speaker, the lead sounds are like somebody added white noise to the torn speaker sound. This is mostly across the board for all the modeling stuff. To get a decent sound requires an hours long deep dive into innumerable editing parameters. Maybe it’s just me. My standards are probably too high for what little I’m willing to spend :heavy_dollar_sign:

The Revalver software does seem promising, though. The trick seems to be combining multiple amps in a parallel signal chain.

Another one I’m checking out is S-Gear from Scuffham


Of the software modelers, Yeah S-Gear seemed the best:

Hey if you are looking for modelers:

I’ve moved on to the Axe-Fx III :slight_smile:


The tones I was getting in PodFarm were kinda close to what I wanted, but when I dialed out the “wet blanket” I ended up with “fizz”. I had a brainstorm to turn off the cabinet emulation and try a 3rd party IR instead. So far that’s sounding pretty good with the free Celestion G12T-75 IR. I just have to figure out the latency issue…


Yeah aliasing is the killer of lower end modeling products (which is where the unrelated fizz comes from mostly)