Pete Thorn V11 presets released


The Pete Thorn patches have been released for V11 firmware:

It includes a Shur SL68 tone match and an impulse response of his Divided by 13 2x12" cabinet with Celestion G12M Greenback drivers.

I just gave it a spin and it sounds fantastic with the P90’s. I’ll post a sample later :grin:




Here’s a sample of the patch:


That sounds incredibly realistic. I wouldn’t have been able to tell that from a real amp.

Nice playing, too :thumbsup:


I hear the signature bass resonance. Very impressive (and great playing too Bert). :thumbsup:



Kudos to Pete for sharing these. I love the tones he gets on his records so this is definetely welcomed.

I gotta try it with the humbuckers now.


Sounds great Albert! I hope to give these a spin this weekend. :thumbsup:


One can almost envision the moors riding over the plains of spain.


Nice Bert :thumbsup:

I downloaded these last night. Very happy with them. Especially the IR because it sit’s nicely with several other presets I have.