PianoTeq 4.5


I’ve been getting into piano a bit now, I just finished learning Moonlight sonata movement 1 which is slow and steady…

I hadn’t surveyed the state of piano software for a while now…so I found pianoteq is now on their 4th release and it’s actually pretty damn good

There’s no sampling involved at all, it’s all simulated (kinda analogous to amp modeling ). The best part is that I can actually run this plugin standalone
on a 4-year old laptop running ubuntu studio - they actually have linux native support which surprised me and it’s only a 20MB install.

I’m pretty pleased with it - they provide a demo that has some keys disabled, but it actually allows you to demo the thing.



Very cool Bert!!


Thanks Tal!

I originally started searching for piano software because I was starting to focus on dynamics and pedaling and the built-in sounds of my Kurzweil just didn’t have enough velocity layers.
Heck pianoteq even models the noise the pedal makes when you press/release it as well as the keys releasing - which you can adjust to taste as well.

I’m just really impressed at the state of piano physical modeling.


Let’s hear some piano then… :popcorn: