PianoTeq 5


So Moddart just released version 5 which was a free upgrade for me - yipeee

Definitely an improvement for me.

The defaults are brighter - like there’s more definition in the mid/high range - on 4.5 I had to increase the EQ on the mid/highs and adjust the velocity curve to make it a bit brighter.
In v5 the level of brightness is what I prefer - and it doesn’t sound like just EQ either…

The reverb presets sound like they were updated - they are a bit more natural now.

I was expecting just a subtle improvement but was nicely surprised.

It now sounds more like a nice sampled library (i.e. more authentic) except with all the dynamics and reaction to your playing characteristics that led me to get pianoTeq in the first place.


Here’s a sample :grin:



Sounds neat. Do you trigger it with a piano?


Yeah that was my playing using a kurzweil PC1X keyboard.


That sounds great! Nice playing!


Thanks man.

That was the Blüthner model which is a separate expansion package. Sounds woodier or like it has more of the hammer sound than the default D4 model - perfect for those old timey pieces.


That does sound neat. IS there any noticeable latency when playing through the software?


Not for me. I have it running in a realtime Linux environment (UBuntu studio on old laptop). I have it set for the lowest latency possible (64 samples at 48KHz = 1.333ms). That + DAC latency, I’d say probably less than 5ms latency overall.


What are you using for a midi controller/keyboard?


I use a Kurzweil PC1X, which I’ve had for a while: http://kurzweil.com/product/pc1x/