PS4 games?


I got a PS4 for Christmas since my wife wouldn’t let me get anything guitar related. It came with Battlefront but it’s not what I was expecting. Any game recs?


Ooofff… so many…

I’ll start with these:

Open world type games:


First person shooters:







Thanks! I’ve been hearing about Fallout too. No idea what it’s about but I’m looking for a game that doesn’t require me to be online.
Are most of these shooters?


I think all I posted you don’t have to be online…

Some are shooters, some are action/adventure with some shooting, Until dawn is sort of Horror survival.

What are you looking to play? First person Shooters? fighters? Platformers? Action/RPG? Survival horror? Puzzle?

I recommend The Last of Us Remastered - is kinda like action/adventure combined with survival horror with some shooting elements and has a great story to go with it.


I like all genres of games, so basically anything that is good. Battlefront is cool but lacks any depth.
Looks like I can download games right into my ps4. I’ll take a hit on resale but I generally don’t bother. They have a sale on CoD Black Ops 3 and Far Cry.