Puddle of Mudd "Blurry" Intro


HMy band wants to do this tune so I’m taking a stab at this intro. Man, it’s a tricky bitch! I think I got it although I’d love to see a video of the guy actually playing


There’s a couple tutorials on YouTube. Looks like you fret the bass note and pick harmonics at the 5th fret I think. Easier than it sounds.




Thanks! I do it like the guy in the video except I don’t use the 4th fret harmonic. I’ll give his variation a try. :sunglasses: What kills me is doing the third fret bass note while trying to not smother the 5th fret harmonics. Once I make it past that it’s easy.


That song reminds of a Rush tune at the start…

Nice tune though


[quote=“Angry Fat Bastard, post:5, topic:7090”]That song reminds of a Rush tune at the start…

Nice tune though[/quote]

Which Rush tune? It is kind of Rush-like.


might take me a bit to think of the title


Probably red barchetta.

The 4th harmonic is also on the 7th fret, if that’s easier.


I think that may be it


You should do Red Barchetta instead :thumbsup:




Too high for my singer. I think I can do it though. :thinking: