Re-hooked up the AxeFx to my amp


Man, I don’t know what’s going on but there’s a whole lotta tone coloring going on. It sounds like a cocked wah for some reason. All of the effects are off and I balanced the levels. Any ideas? I checked the phase settings as well. :neutral_face:


What the fuck are you talking about? Do you still have to Axe Fx?



Sounds like your loop is not good. Did you try hitting bypass just in case you do have something in the patch?


I did hit bypass and it didn’t do anything. Balancing the Inputs and Outputs helped a little but it doesn’t get rid of the coloration. The sound plugged straight into the amp vs. routing through the AxeFx is night and day. Before, if I ran it via the 4CM, coloration would happen with the front end. If I did loop only, then it was good. Now I have no idea what happened.