Reagan Fuzz 2017 Kuato


Tod, get crackin on my new pedal!


I feel like the knobs names were a missed opportunity :slight_smile:


Now that is funny, I did not play the demos, but just looking at the thing gave me a good belly laugh.



I’ve never been a Big Muff Pi fan. I prefer the Fuzz Face for fuzz tones. The demos sounded good, though. Lots of Sabbath :sunglasses:

I have a Big Muff built to Mayo specs laying around. I don’t have a color printer to do the graphic, though.


I just sold my Russian Big Muff, bought it 20 years ago, played it for 5 minutes at most


I had one fuzz tone a long time ago, just after the popularity of them was starting back in the 60’s. I do not know what the model was because I got rid of it almost right away, I was never interested in a fuzz maker ever after. I just used to turn my amps all the way up for power tube overdrive unit I married this wifey. Nowadays I use one overdrive pedal a Nady TD1 tube overdrive pedal. It gives that power tube overdrive sound (sort of) at in house volume levels, although it is not pushing a lot of air.


That box is disturbing and hilarious at the same time!
I don’t get fuzzes… They generally sound awful to me even though I still have two.