Refreshing a 5 year old computer rig


So after [Unreal Engine 4 was made free] (Unreal Engine 4 is now free) I downloaded it to my wife’s computer - which BTW was a 5 year build originally intended as a DAW.

I played for a few days with it but I became increasingly annoyed how everything seemed to take forever to launch in general (chrome, outlook etc) - which my wife had complained about but I had dismissed :slight_smile:
Nothing like having to experience it yourself. :rofl:

So it was time for a Windows 7 reinstall which also made look into refreshing some components.

The most obvious improvement would come from an SSD - I hit the usual benchmarking/review sites (anandtech, arstechnica, techreport) and decided on a Samsung 850 EVO

I also ordered more memory from NewEgg (currently have 6GB). This is for a i7 930 CPU which has a triple channel memory controller - thankfully though G-Skill still has triple channel DDR3 kits. I used G-Skill on my original build and they haven’t given me issues so why not.

I started hitting more benchmarking sites to get up to speed on the latest Intel CPUs. Intel’s Broadwell for desktop is still not out in the market but from what I’ve read it looks like there won’t be any major performance improvements. The sentiment I read from the interwebz is to wait for Skylake instead.

There has been around 2x performance improvement over the last 5 years, for example:
I guess I expected more of an improvement…certainly not enough to justify ditching the current motherboard/cpu/DDR3 sticks.

Instead I looked into overclocking the existing i7 930 and get some more years out of it which is when I noticed fairly high idle temperatures - so a new cpu cooler was in order.

Then to actually get the Unreal Engine 4 Editor running good I was tempted by the new NVIDIA GTX 960 so I got one.

I’m still waiting on the memory sticks to arrive but right now it’s so satisfying to be able to open the Unreal Engine 4 editor in seconds and actually run this scene within the editor without a hitch:


Neat. 5 years doesn’t seem as old as it used to though.


Right it doesn’t. That’s just how much CPU improvements have stagnated.


Need bigger MOBO sockets