RIP Hot Rod Deluxe


Up for sale to someone local in the Phoenix Area. The new tubes did not accomplish a single thing. The tubes that were in it are probably in great shape.

Boo Hoo Hoo. Best sounding guitar amp I ever owned. But when I took it out of the house the dang thing was HEAVY so I would rather sell it and Get me a nice LIGHTWEIGHT Egnater Tweaker 15 watt head to back up the one I already have. Plus I have another EVM12L in a 1-12 cabinet to go with the new head (as I do for the present one).

Or also; Anyone have a decent suggestion for fairly light weight 1-12 6V6 or 6L6 all tube combo amp. No El’s no modeling amps unless they sound like real tube under $500 or $600?



If you can find one of the Roland Blues Cubes for a good price, they sound pretty good. I heard Robin Ford playing through one out at Sweetwater during Gearfest and it sounded fantastic. Of course he plugged into the Dumble for the all star jam later :slightly_smiling_face: He said he used the Roland on his Japanese tour. Pretty high praise that he would even consider using one at all, though.


Thanks someone else also recommended a Boss Katana 50 watt combo $209 at Sweetwater.

As for the HRD. Local Fender repair shop says 50 bucks to bench test it. If I can’t sell it for my asking price I will take it there for a look see, and maybe some mods like an audio taper volume pot on the clean channel, and maybe a mute the highs a bit on the drive channel if it ain’t too costly. And probably get a cap job if that ain’t too costly.


From the Amp Tech (amp to go in Monday the 18th, @ a reasonable price.")

"Hi Dave,

Those amps have a laundry list of little issues, many of which could cause those symptoms.

I charge a flat $125 to go through one and make it solid - fix all the problems it has and preemptively fix everything else. If the power supply caps are bad, then add $75 for $200 total.

If you’d like to bring the amp in, I’ll pop open the back panel while you’re here and we can go over everything. Or if you’d just like to discuss all the work I’m suggesting, feel free to give me a call.

If you are able to get the amp in mon/Tuesday next week, I should be able to have it ready before Christmas when we’ll probably close the shop for a couple days.

All the best,


Hunt Amplification LLC
2202 W. Lone Cactus Dr. Suite #4
Phoenix, AZ 85027


The Hot Rod Deluxe is reincarnated with new caps and whatever else the repair guy did. He said he would just fix every common problem with this model (Which are numerous) and re-solder all the solder joints (which are very numerous) $200. $125 for the repairs and $75 for the caps.


I was going to suggest a used Princeton. Always wanted one of those but always had other things to pay for when it came time to buy one.


I have never tried a Princeton, but I am not a fan of the classic Fender amps truthfully. I have had many from Deluxe’s to Twins. I did once own a Rivera era Fender 30. 30 watts the size of a deluxe, all tube with a tube rectifier, one 12 and one of their first channel switching amps. I miss that one big time. I think I gave it to my oldest kiddo when I got my Boogie Mark II C+.


Congrats on getting the HRD back in business!

Have you seen this? Maybe a bit spendy, though:


Looks like a great idea! I’m afraid to ask how much though. I’d get the Morgan unit.


Looks like the modules are about $400 a piece, the preamp box to plug them into is $500.


Uh oh…


I think I’m overdue for a new amp now. Lately, I’ve been spending on stage lighting and it’s my new obsession.


Looks cool Tod, although I don’t play out, so probably a bit more than I would want to spend.


Got the amp back too late to try it out last night, did 2 sets today, all seems well (so far) He changed the foot switch input jack on the top by the efx loop inputs. That was the reason it was channel switching. But I am convinced to sell it. That freaking think is way to heavy for my 75 year old bones. So I can honestly say it is a better than it was originally, with all the things he did to it, he says he solved all the common problems, both what was wrong with the amp, and normal issues with the Hot Rod Deluxe series. Next amp Egnater Tweaker 40 watt head with the money I get for the HRD and its Cannabis Rex speaker, and the Gator lightweight hard sided/bottom road case with a suitcase like handle and wheels for rolling the thing to and from places. He extended my free service on that amp to 2 years gratis because I had to take it back to him a third time.

So far, so good.