Rising sun build progress


I’m building a super strat out of a bunch of different parts I had laying around. Everything was going well, paint job, putting the screw holes in the neck, etc. I’m using one of those Charvel necks that I got from China. I did a fret level on them, and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. Very minimal work needed.

I ordered a few parts that I needed to finish it, which were delivered today. Strap buttons, screws for the pickups, etc. All was going great, until I was installing the tuning pegs. I ordered straight 6, and got 3x3. The straight 6 wont be in until mid next week. So, the build is on hold for now.


Cool! I loved putting guitars together but I can’t do anything with fret and nut work. I tried and failed miserably. The only thing that I can do is smooth out fret ends which was something that I had to learn from buying some cheap guitars.

Got any pics?


These are from a retrofit I did a while back.



Very cool! That’s my favorite Start carve. I love the thinner upper horn.


Way cool Ed, very neat looking. It is always cool to build your own ax.


Wear one of those leather kamikaze pilot helmets with the straps hanging down when you play it on stage.


That’s some nice figuring on that fretboard. Looks good!


The parts I ordered came in, and I put it together. Just waiting on the switch and the wiring will begin. I thought I had a 3 way mini toggle, but I can’t find it. Ordered one. Hopefully here soon. I strung it up, and will let it settle for a few days, then do a full setup on it. I might head down to the hardware store, and just get some alligator clips, to connect the pickup straight to the jack, just to see how it sounds.


Very nice looking guitar. Best of luck with it.



Great job on the axe.