Ritchie Kotzen Tele


Here’s the pics you asked for, Bert


:heart_eyes: That’s a beautiful guitar.

That binding looks awesome.

We need some sound clips man!


Thanks man! I actually bought it for the forearm contour. It has a fatter neck than my R8 and I absolutely love it! Weird considering that I used to hate fat necks. Not it’s what I prefer.
I just got a new recording setup so clips and music will resume.


That’s an ash body right? With a flame maple top?


It is. Sounds great and the QC is remarkable. The fret job makes is one of the best that I’ve felt.
I was skeptical about not having a tone knob and having a series/parallel switch in it’s place. Not my first choice but I’m finding it useful now.


Not a bad price either, Nice!



The fret work is so good that it feels like stainless frets.
I went nuts last month selling off my gear. Lots of guitars, amps, most of my pedals… Much happier now.

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