Rocksmith 2014 Game


Tools->Options->Play Settings->Invert Strings (that’s for PS3, PC may be different)

I tried “colorblind mode” too. That didn’t really seem to do much.

My wife, who doesn’t play guitar at all, seems to think it’s very intuitive. I’m completely frustrated by it, though. Maybe it’s designed more for the absolute beginner :neutral_face: The thing is, if you learn on this you’ll be frustrated when you try to learn regular tabs.


glad Im not alone. Ill see if reversing is possible and helps me.


I just got this for my Mac. After flipping the fretboard, I’m enjoying this game a lot. It’s best to use an outside tuner because the one in the game isn’t accurate and will cost you some game points when it doesn’t register notes because of it’s lack of accuracy.
The interface takes some getting used to but I think I’ve got the hang of it. There’s still a slight lag but it’s workable. I saw an adjustment for it but haven’t tried it out yet. It seems like this is a great way to keep practicing new things and am glad that I bought it.


My son plays it a lot. I still don’t really like the interface. Also, the arrangement on stuff I already know how to play sometimes throws me off.

Despite that I still think it’s worth checking out.

That’s a good tip about using an external tuner, too. The built in tuner really is the suck.


They do seem to favor staying on a single string a lot. Regarding the tuner, I noticed that it wasn’t registering notes that I played so I checked and found that my guitar was very out of tune. Once I tuned up properly, the game accuracy became very good.
What I like about is that it’s making try things that I don’t normally do. Slide runs, finding frets without looking, odd string skipping… It all adds up with more tools for me to draw upon.


I may get this just for that “jam along” feature.

I hate when tabs and lessons have weird fingerings for songs that are burned into my brain already.


There’s a bit of a lag on the PS3, too. It’s slight, and I think they try to cover it up with reverb and delay on the default guitar sounds. It’s not enough that it bothers me, at least not in this context. If it were a DAW it wouldn’t be acceptable, though.


Jam Along is pretty cool. If you stop playing for a while, you can hear the drummer putting his sticks down. :smile: The lag is there but it’s doable. The first version’s lag made in unplayable for me.