Routing tremolo cavity


I need to shave 1/16" of an inch in my tremolo cavity as the replacement tremolo I got it’s just slightly bigger than what I had.

What do you wood working experts recommend?


Is there a template?


[quote=“AlbertA, post:1, topic:6987”]I need to shave 1/16" of an inch in my tremolo cavity as the replacement tremolo I got it’s just slightly bigger than what I had.

What do you wood working experts recommend?[/quote]

Could you send the trem back and get one that fits? I’d hate to do anything to a guitar unless I absolutely had to.


Dremel and drum sanding wheel? :neutral_face:


Stewmac sells it. And they sell the template, I didn’t see any drawings for free.
This is a replacement for my floyd rose. It’s just a bit wider. When mounted on the existing posts I have to shave 1/16" so that the plate can be recessed just like the old one.

This is for the carvin dc127c, which is painted black.

The dremel sounds doable :slight_smile:


I would have to get an OFR but they are too expensive. I actually sold my 16 year old OFR for $80+ which paid for this stewac replacement.


Did you check E-Bay? Which Floyd did you get? With some versions, the extra money is worth it. Whatever the model that’s in my Axcess is junk.


I got the Stewmac floyd, whatever that is. It seems pretty good but we’ll see.


I didn’t know that they licensed one out as well. Gotoh or Schaller would be my choices. They are on the pricey side though. I just need to make sure to get one that will fit my Axcess.


This is the one:,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar_tremolo_parts/Floyd_Rose_tremolos_and_parts/Golden_Age_Locking_Tremolo_System.html?tab=Pictures


The arm lock looks just like my Axcess Floyd. If it’s not tightened down the arm wiggles. That’s a really good price though.


That’s how the Original Floyd Rose is too, you have to tighten the nut.


I can loan you a router and a bit to follow a template


Thanks, I dremeled it out already.


If you’re looking for a hand router, you can’t beat the Bosch 1HP hand router. It’s an amazing tool.


I have an original Floyd and it has a screw in bar, kind of like a Strat except no wiggling. This was before he licensed the design out to everyone.


And three years later, I ended up going for an Original Floyd Rose Tremolo

Back in 2013, I used metal shims from a sheetrock repair kit to shim the locking nut - I remember thinking at the time was just going to be provisional (yeah right :rofl: ) but they made a crackling sound every time I dive bombed the bridge - yeah it was not properly shimmed… :neutral_face:

This guitar (a 1997 Carvin DC127C) did not come with a locking nut so I shaved off a bit to make room for it - the only issue was that the headstock had a slight angle to it so I needed shims on the side of the nut closest to the string for support (so the nut is level) otherwise it would make an angle and not be parallel to the fretboard.

This time however, I made a wood shim from a piece of scrap pine, just sanding until I got the bevel just right - It’s very annoying sanding thin pieces of wood…

The old stewmac bridge I got was ok at the beginning, but I began to despise it when it developed tuning issues on the high strings (probably compounded by the bad shims), the whammy bar that would untighten itself with movement… and the noisy springs it came with…

All those problems are gone now :thumbsup:

I got the bridge from musicians friend with a 20% coupon and no tax so about $160.

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