RP500 Deal - Back to the future


Digitech RP500 on sale for $99



For 99 bucks it is a steal. I am not interested in modeling any more, but that price is a must do for those that are into modelers.


That’s a helluva deal, but I wonder if the tones are any better than the RP355 or the XP360…I wasn’t real happy with either of them


I still have my GNX2 and an RP 155, both decent but not anything great. I also still have my Tonelab Table top. I only use the RP155 for one harmony patch. These days I am just glad my fingers still feel the fingerboard.


I looked at the RP1000 as a replacement to my GNX3, and it was incredibly disappointing. I passed on it.

I also wonder if it could be used as a midi foot controller :slight_smile: