So what are you guys doing with guitar lately?


I was surprised to hear George didn’t even play for a year. This place used to be all the inspiration one needed. :thumbsup:


Yeah, I took some time off for about a year. My personal life took a little step backwards, lost motivation to play, quit the band.

I’m back into it again, playing part time with the same band, which I started 8 years ago, recording originals with two of the guys from band who are my highschool buddies. We are having a shitload of fun getting together every Thursday night, coming up with stuff.

The first song is taking way longer then expected, but its sounding really good. 15 guitar tracks on this tune. :help:

We will have 10 to 12 songs. Once the vocals are down on this first tune, I’ll post a rough mix here.


I’ve been messing around with the Ditto Looper at home, still gigging twice a month. I’m on new medication for my pinched nerves, an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer, I noticed when they are in my bloodstream, my playing improves…my left hand has more dexterity than usual.


I’ve noticed the same results when I take an Advil.


I’m actually doing something I said I would never do again. I started a new band. Found a great drummer and great bass player. No drama, no alcohol problems. It’s been really fun this time. Plus, they are cool with practice in my studio, so we practice at speaking level (much more efficient than full blast with ear plugs) and no one has to haul and setup gear). All we need is a good singer now.


That’s not a band, that’s an Ice Cream Social :grin:

We had to do a little “Intervention” with our singer/gtr player last month…he got hammered at a gig (again), slurring his words on mic, missing cue’s…ruined the gig for the rest of us. Now he says he’ll be good, we’ll see how long THAT lasts.


[quote=“Cobalt BLooz, post:6, topic:6816”]That’s not a band, that’s an Ice Cream Social :grin:

We had to do a little “Intervention” with our singer/gtr player last month…he got hammered at a gig (again), slurring his words on mic, missing cue’s…ruined the gig for the rest of us. Now he says he’ll be good, we’ll see how long THAT lasts.[/quote]

:rofl: I know, it aint very rock n roll, but with the stress of my job, it’s a relief to not add stress on the weekends too. Oh, the other CRAZY thing they do is… show up on time every week. Holy crap, imagine that. :skull_and_crossbones:


Mostly just armchair pickn’. Burn out and didn’t pick it up for a year. 2 years big band, and gigs, and the GC blues thing, and 4 years with the relentless taskmaster (Bruno)… I just needed to get away. Picked it up about 6 months ago, and mostly working on octaves, thumb picking, and listening to a lot of Wes… Lot more laid back…

What a wierd trap it is. You practice, practice, practice. You start playing around regular and gee all of a sudden it’s just another job. So you lay off, then you practice, practice, practice, you start playing around regular and find out it’s still a job. Maybe there’s a happy medium but I haven’t found it yet. :neutral_face:


I’ve always looked at it as a “job”, so I never feel disillusioned. Just like an addictive drug, I keep chasing those magical moments when you “Zone”, and it all just clicks. I have had them practicing at home, but the best ones happen live. It’s as if you’re not even there on stage, you’re in a void, a vacuum. Those moments don’t happen very often, and there is no logical rhyme or reason to the circumstances that create that feeling.
…so I just keep chasing them…and the skirts.


The Ditto Looper is a great motivator. I love coming up with some chords and then jamming over them. It’s endless fun although I can’t seem to time it with my drum machine as CB can.
Other than that, I’ve been working my ass off lately so there isn’t much time left to learn new things. I just finished building a greenhouse and have been hitting the gym twice a day. What’s great about the guitar is that I know that I don’t have to do anything with it. For some reason, knowing that makes me want to play it whenever I have free time. After I get my taxes done next week I hope to have some spare time to noodle around some more.


I’ve been jamming with a couple of friends of mine. They’re both alcoholics and they cancel practice every other week. I don’t have any expectations, so I don’t sweat it too much. I still play pretty much every day, but I don’t seem to improve b/c I tend to play the same old shit. Every now and then I’ll pick up a new jewel of a lick then play it so much that it becomes the same old shit, too :smile:


Licks are like whores, we wear em out in no time :smile:

The Ditto Looper is like crack. I have done some experiments of just layering stuff until I have this huge mass of sound, then solo over it…too much fun.
I have noticed if you think too much about stepping on the pedal at the right time to end a drum loop, you get a “seam” in the loop. When I don’t think about it, and tap my foot over the button like I’m keeping time, then press it on the last beat, it works better. I have gotten some wild syncopated beats by accident to.


woah, that sounds really neat. Did you do any research on the insulation values of the glass you used?



He didn’t even put any windows in it!


Nope. My wife decided that she wanted a greenhouse, ordered it, and set me off to building it. :man_shrugging: The project wouldn’t have been to difficult if I had a solid, level foundation. In fact, if I had that, I think I would have been able to finish it in a day. As I didn’t there was a lot of adjustments to be made. Now that it’s about finished, I think it’s gonna be pretty cool to grow our own food year-round. Most of what we eat these days are vegetables.


I’ve kept jamming by myself… :grin:


I corrected it for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Tell me more about this “Ditto Looper”. Better than the “Jam Man”? And on the output side can you just plug in headphones or do you have to have an amp?


It’s a simplified looper, small box, one foot button and a volume knob. Press once to record, once to playback, and once to overdub.


As soon as I was doing improv over my recorded chords, I thought Tal would love this. :sunglasses: