SSD Drives


Last spring the boss got a Dell Precision Notebook. It’s essentially a high powered workstation crammed into a notebook. The best of the best. One of the options we chose was a SSD drive. I was pretty impressed with it’s performance. Enough so I was considering building a new desktop using a SSD. Well after much research Im going to avoid these like the plague. It seems unless you get one with a Marvell or Intel controller your in for a rocky road. The best performers are plagued with BSOD’s and general failures. Some dont even have the ability to have windows installed directly on them.

If the newest Plextor or Intel SSD drives dont become game changers Im thinking I still might build something, spend a bit more for SAS Raid.


I’ve been holding off on SSD drives also. The premise is great, but the implementation comes up a little short. :neutral_face:



great link


Well I decided I will postpone building a pc for a while. For now I purchased a OCZ Technology Synapse Cache 64gb SSD as a cach drive. It seems to be the best approach for the least amount of cache cash .

I need a new pc for my CCTV system. That was one of the reasons I was looking to build but I think I will wait until spring. If I have to Ill get a cheap $400 pc for my CCTV stuff until I demote my desktop.


May 11 the OCZ stopped functioning. Thing was a buggy piece of shit all along. Ended up not being able to use it as a cache drive. OCZ’s utility is also a turd and caused A LOT of issues. OCZ makes it a pain in the ass to download too.

In the end I used the drive for a photoshop scratch disk.