Strap button vs. headstock tie


My Martin didn’t come with a strap button other than one for the bottom. I just tried to use a headstock tie and hate it! The guitar sits in a funny position and I noticed that my high strings would go sharp.

This isn’t an issue with acoustics with a strap button on the heel, so I decided that since I already drilled the bottom of my guitar, why not add another hole. :slight_smile: Man, I’m really glad that I did! It sits perfectly now and I feel like I got a new guitar.


Way cool, (and add some characters to satisfy the minimum)


Yeah, that minimum characters to post is driving me nuts!


The minimum chars is from the forum software. Its supposed to make you stop posting one smiley posts or posts with just one word - i.e. it’s meant to stimulate discourse (the name of the software). The alternative they propose for simple replies is to just use the heart/like feature.

Back to the topic on hand, yeah my older acoustic was the same no strap button on the neck side. But the Taylor does have one - I rarely play standing up though.

But… you drilled into your Martin? Now you are going to have to keep it :slight_smile:


I mod just about every one of my guitars. And yes, I’ve been hit hard on sales value. They’re tools and I love the mods. The alternative for the Martin is to play live with a mic (not gonna happen) and risk it going out of tune as I move around and play.