Super Champ X2 with the Eminence Lil Buddy test


Here is a very rough test I did today to see how the X2/Lil Buddy combo recorded. I miked it up with a SM57 pointed somewhere near the rim of the speaker. I did absolutely no editing, or effecting the guitar track except I did aux send it it through the Waves IR1 reverb lightly. No EQ’ing of the guitar track, no compression none of that.

The guitar I used was an Ibanez RG321 with stock pups, the clean part is in-between the front and rear pups, each split in half, The overdrive part is straight rear humbucker full up.

I eq’d the amp as follows; Both channels Mids on 5, Trebs on 3, and bass on 3, all amp effects off. unfortunately I don’t know which model I was using on the overdrives because when I carried the X2 out to the shed (or back in the house) I moved the model selector. And since I was in headphones I never noticed the difference. I usually use the Super Sonic Model, so that was probably it.

Look for Beer Thirty Blues


Very nice DBM, very nice. :thumbsup:


Absolutely awesome…what a great tone!


That sounds really good! Smooth, but still has that glassy top end :thumbsup:


Until I recorded the X2, I was going to sell it to a guitar student. She likes that amp so much I decided to let it go to her. But once I recorded it, and played the sound back it went off the chopping block. :thumbsup:


Cool tone man!


I am pleasantly surprised at how well it miked up, no special mike placement, I have no idea where I placed the mike in relation to the rim of the speaker. Maybe next time I will do the careful mike placement, and proper model that I like the most.