Superior Drummer 3



$419 USD

Upgrade from Superior Drummer2: $219
Crossgrade from EZ Drummer 2: $319


EZD still sounds good to me. I’m not sure that the “upgrade” is worth it as I don’t think anyone would hear the difference.


I still use the freebee than comes with Sonar 8.xx. I have not recorded in several years. Before that I was using the original Drum Kits From Hell with DR008. But when my DAW went belly up about 5 years ago I could not find the DR008 sample player on my Sonar reload. I never really got into recording after the DAW went belly up, I used another computer and hard drives for the replacement but it was never the same although it works well enough. I did save all of my mixes and all of the recordings from way back on several external hard drives, and backed up all of my stuff on DVD’s, at least 30 DVD’s x2 since I thought every disk should also have a back up.


I’ve been reading that people are liking the new interface much better.

Some are claiming that the new processing chain/mixer/etc makes the older kits (from Superior 2) sound better.

Here’s someone other than Toontrack giving an overview:


This looks pretty useful:


You can apply the 15% discount at MusiciansFriend for the upgrade…so $170. And I have some points available at MF too… so $150 not bad.


Are you still recording?


Yeah when I get a chance.

I just reinstalled Windows 10 on a new SSD so it’s much faster to dual boot from Ubuntu (where I do my day job) and Windows so its a bit faster to get a track started.

I just downloaded like 400 GB worth of stuff, phew. All the new kit stuff + the expansions I already owned.

They have a Toontrack product manager that makes it easy to download/install/authorize all of the products, that was neat.

I do wish the install was just unzipping the download though. It unzips then copies stuff again. Copying 400GB is not fast on these 1TB drives I have.

The new graphics are slick. The core kit has many pieces available and various included presets.

The song/track creation from Ezdrummer 2 is built in as well.

I recommend it if you had superior drummer already.


Cool! I just have EZD2, no Superior.