Superior Drummer Question


I know a couple of you guys have this VST.

I am finally in full recording mode, getting together every Thursday night with my ex-bandmates to record an album of originals. I want to load a copy of SD on the singers computer to help out with the drum tracks. He actually plays drums well so his skills should help with the composition.

I know you can install on 2 computers but it says you can only run 1 computer at a time or risk losing the license.

My question is, how would they know if 2 computers were running simultaneously :neutral_face:?


If the program reports back to the website automatically. a lot of video games and other software does that now. Unplug the internet while your using it?


That’s strange. I have it on two computers and never gave running the program simultaneously a second thought. If it’s legally bought, I think you can fight this if it actually does come down to it.


This is what sucks about legal software. You pay the big bucks and still have to play by their rules. If I buy something, I should be able to use it any way I like. :thumbsdown:

I guess the answer is to make sure the internet is not connected, no biggy, just a minor inconvenience.


Ive given copies away freely and never had an issue. They have great customer service as well.


All of MS’s stuff is like that nowadays…

Had to download Visual Studio…Was not even offered disk back ups…


The expansion packs are on sale again. I may try the Nashville one :neutral_face:


[quote=“Tal Rules, post:6, topic:6161”]All of MS’s stuff is like that nowadays…

" MS’s"



I got that and wasn’t blown away by it. The drums are good but nothing drastically different from the stock kit. Also the midi loops are ok but nothing that stood out. Jmho.


Thanks for the heads up. Are any of the expansion packs worth it, then?


For me, yes. I’m not sure what you would like though so it’s hard to say. The most mileage that I got was actually from some of their midi packs though. Not knowing what kind of music you want to make, it’s hard to give you a recommendation. Personally I love the metal kit as they sampled some great drums and cymbals. It’s more for tracks that are in need of a strong drum presence though.


:neutral_face: Straight rock, maybe slightly Americana-ish with a hint of bluesy alt/country. Not metal, though.


Well Jeez, that’s easy then. Have you checked out the American Expansion? The Nashville kit will come with some midi that you’d be interested in but the kit itself doesn’t really stand out for me. Check out some youtube samples and see what I mean. I think the standard Pop kit and the Superior kits have more liveliness and character in their samples.


The Americana Expansion seems a bit limited. That’s why I was thinking about the Nashville Expansion. There’s a Classic Expansion that may work, too.


I have the Classic as well and find the samples a little dull. :neutral_face: Nashville sounds much better, imo. Who knows, maybe the Nashville expansion is exactly your cup of tea.


I’m really liking the samples from the Americana kit and have some ideas to go with the grooves. I think I’ll get it but I’m not a hundred percent sure.