Synergy impressions


My Synergy SYN-1 was delivered yesterday, and I gave it a quick test run yesterday. I watched every video on it, and tried to direct connect it to my interface via the 1/4" jack. It worked, but sounded like an amp without the cabinet. I knew that it had cabinet emulation, but it wasn’t working. It took me at least 15 minutes to realize that it might be available using XLR only. I checked the manual, and that was the case.

So, next step was to connect it into the power and cabinet. My chain was:
Synergy (Grail module) => Seymour Duncan PowerStage => Cabinet.

It sounded fantastic!! I checked the 2 modules I had, and they worked perfectly with it.

Today, I gave it a more thorough play through. I connected my Polara reverb into the Synergy’s FX loop. It sounded even better. But the true power of this combination was the EQ on the PowerStage. I was able to give the cabinet an American sound through a British sound with just the PowerStage EQ. The flexibility of this combination was amazing.

I had a Randall LynchBox which used the same modules, and it was very easy to get the same sound, and it was also very easy to tweak that sound even further, and get a sound with more clarity than the LynchBox, even before tweaking the PowerStage EQ.

The SYN-1 can be plugged into your head’s FX Return, bypassing the head’s preamp, and just use the head’s power amp. This makes your amp sound like the module you have in the Synergy. That’s the only setup that I haven’t tested yet, because I sold my heads and got a Kemper.

The only “downside” that I could find, was that it doesn’t have a presence control. The reason it doesn’t have one, is because it’s supposed to be connected into your amps power amp, and use it’s controls. So, essentially, it’s not a downside at all.

I’ll be putting it through it’s paces over the next few weeks, and eventually I’ll be able to test the FX Return setup. I will post my findings here.


I should have just watched this video first and saved the 15 minutes :slight_smile:


Cool Ed let us know how well it works after some experience using it.


Steve Vai is gonna be at Gearfest this year demo-ing these things. I’ll have to get there early to get a good seat :sunglasses:

Not sure why Randall moved away from this tech? Maybe licensing the various name brands was too $$$$?


I’m still in the honeymoon phase, but I am absolutely thrilled so far. I able to use my old Randall LynchBox modules (Grail and Mr Scary). I may be delusional, but I think they have more clarity with the Synergy. I’m finally understanding the SAG knob. It’s pretty interesting.


Cool amigo


Ok, I have been putting the Synergy through it’s paces, and can only say that I am blown away by it. Today, I checked out the full power of this thing. I connected it to an EVH 5150 III. Following the instructions, the Synergy basically takes over the 5150 and gives you the best of both worlds.

The Synergy connects via the head’s FX Send/Receive and has an output that goes to the head’s input. It’s a 3 cable system. I works like a charm!!! You control which preamp you want to use, the source amp (in this case, the 5150) or the Synergy, via the SYN-1’s footswitch.

Any effects you have in the Synergy’s FX Loop work on the source amp also. This means that you don’t loose the FX loop of the source head, you just connect the pedals into the Synergy instead.
I was a little skeptical, but it works beautifully.

I can’t say enough about how thrilled I am with this little box. It’s a giant step up from the Egnater and Randall MTS stuff. No more lugging around the 87 lb head to the studio. Just bring the Synergy, and plug it into the house amp, and you’re golden.