Tapatalk forum browser


Looks like it’s being offered for free now. It actually makes forum browsing on my iPhone fun. Not all sites support it but thegearpage, Ernie Ball Music Man, and Fractal Audio do. :thumbsup:


I have it. It works pretty good on the sites that support it.


I get a lot of requests for it at my sites. When I looked at it back in December I found it to be very intrusive of the forum software and it added a further level of insecurity.

I have one forum running Invision Powerboard. While not as convenient as tapatalk the IPB mobile site works really well.


I don’t know the ins and outs but it sure does make forum browsing on an iPhone a better experience. Without it, it’s more of an act of desperation.


I use it all the time for the Fractal and TSB sites. Would be great if Bert could add it here since it’s free. :thumbsup:


It’s a security risk at least with smf forums.