Taylor GA4 Acoustic


I played around a few acoustics this week at one of the guitar center’s… I really loved the tone and play-ability of the Taylor GA4


I’ll probably bite and get one next year.

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Next year is next week. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:
I have the 12-string version of this guitar and absolutely love it! Relatively peaking, it’s not a loud acoustic but it has a beautiful tone that’s great for strumming. You really have to read the descriptions of Taylor’s as far as what the guitars are designed for. If they say that it’s a finger-picker and you intend to strum with a pick, you might not hear the harshness when there’s a lot of background noise going on. That’s the issue that I had with my 314. It’s mellowed out over the years so it’s better now.
If I was in the market for another acoustic, this would be at the top of my list.


What do you mean by harsness? Last week we did a couple tracks with my friends 314. He didn’t like how mellow his guitar sounded and wants to redo it with my carvin. It’s a much brighter sounding guitar. I blame it on the elixer strings he put on. I recommend Martin phophor bronze. Unfortunately they do not last very long.


When strummed harder, the top distorts and there’s a brash character to the tone. Each model Taylor has a different level of headroom for this. The 314 sounds beautiful as long as you don’t strum hard with a pick.
I switched to phosphor bronze strings hoping for a mellowed effect. It turns out that I actually prefer the stock Elixers.


Something to keep in mind with Taylor’s is that their six strings come with a bit of high action from the factory. The proper way to lower action is with neck shims (instead of filing the saddle down). Taylor’s NT neck is designed for this and either you or an authorized dealer can do it. I had a tech take down my 314’s saddle but I’ve read that he wasn’t supposed to do that.


Yeah I mainly finger pick. It just had this really nice tone going for it that made it stand out from the martins and the rest of the taylors. They had a couple of GA4’s and both were consistent in that quality. And I loved the satin finish on it.


That GA4 is balanced so you can fingerpicking or strum heavily. Plus it has the famous Taylor intonation.


Hey Bert, it’s next year. :sunglasses: You got me looking at these so I’m currently testing out two of my acoustics to see if they still cut the mustard. My local GC has the GA4 in stock so I may be thinking about doing a trade.


New Gears Day for me!

GC sent me a 20% coupon by e-mail and a new Guitar Center just opened up near where I live so I picked the GA4. This had a beautiful back which was not greenish as some of the other’s I saw last year.

It sounds great. Even my wife said “what a difference in the sound, how do they they make it resonate like that?” :grin:


Congrats on an awesome guitar Bert! I tried to like other acoustics but I always gravitate towards Taylors. Pics when you get a chance? :popcorn:


yep congrats man…


Look at this beaut


:thumbsup: I love it! Are you going to get the saddle height adjusted?


Nah. I like the action the way it is now.


That is neat. Never seen Ovangkol before.


Thread necromancer…

An uninspired clip but showcases the basic tone of the guitar

I like it better tuned a step down rather than in standard tuning though…maybe I’ll record that later :grin:


None of my guitars have been in normal tuning for over a year. They all had to go a gauge up to keep from floppiness.
You still like the high action?


[quote=“AC, post:24, topic:6636”]None of my guitars have been in normal tuning for over a year. They all had to go a gauge up to keep from floppiness.
You still like the high action?[/quote]

I guess I don’t consider it high…any lower it would probably buzz…


Hmmm… I wonder if it was set up then. Both of my six string Taylor’s had to get taken down to half the stock height.


Oh it’s perfect for my taste…